Yesterday I drove out to Tungeneset and Okshornan Peaks in Senja to try and get some shots of the midnight sun behind the mountain tops. Unfortunately, when I got there, the peaks were all covered in a thick layer of clouds. I was just about ready to head back home when the sky cleared a little, and I was able to get some really moody shots instead, which turned out to be pretty great. I'm really falling in love with this place, and I can't wait for autumn and aurora season to begin so I can go back and get a few good shots with the northern lights dancing on the mountain tops.

Here are a few shots from my trip.

Okshornan - Tungeneset - Tang
Okshornan - Tungeneset - Reflection
Okshornan - Tungeneset - Senja
Okshornan - Tungeneset - Weed