Good Summer

While summer in Tromsø, Norway was rainy and grey, it was beautiful and warm in Brisbane, Australia, and as luck would have it, I got the chance to do another summer shoot with the lovely Serine from Ebeltoft Models, as she happened to be studying at Gold Coast at the moment. We decided to meet up at Main Beach for another shoot. The weather was a bit of a challenge as it was very windy and her hair was blowing all over the place, but we were able to get some great shots none the less. Here are just a few.

Main Beach 1
Main Beach 2
Main Beach 3
Main Beach 4

LUXUSHAIR in Australia

While I was back Down Under to shoot a wedding, I also got the chance to do another shoot for a client that I have been working with back home for a while now. Because summer wasn't much to brag about up here in Tromsø, I figured I'd have another go at the LuxusHair Beach Shoot while in Australia. 

I teamed up with hair and makeup artist @emmachristinemakeupx and model @swissmiss138, and headed out to Rainbow Bay for an absolutely awesome day at the beach. Here are just a few shots.

Rainbow Bay 01
Rainbow Bay 02
Rainbow Bay 03
Rainbow Bay 04
Rainbow Bay 05
Rainbow Bay 06
Rainbow Bay 07
Rainbow Bay 08
Rainbow Bay 09
Rainbow Bay 10
Rainbow Bay 11
Rainbow Bay 12
Rainbow Bay 13

McCoy from Silver Cerulean also came along and shot some behind the scenes video, which LuxusHair later decided to use as an ad. Check it out below. 


In spite of being down with the flue, I went out on a boat with my dad and my good friend and colleague Geir-Inge to look for orcas and humpbacks this weekend. It must have been about 10-15 orcas swimming around our boat at one point, and some even got so close you could almost pat them on the back.

The photos were taken between Vengsøy and Musvær, outside Tromsø.

Orca 1
Boat 1
Orca 2
Boat 2
Orca 3
Orca 4
Orca 5
Boat 3
Boat 4