Happy Easter

While it is a long Norwegian tradition to spend your Easter holidays skiing in the mountains and eating oranges, I spent it in the studio with the lovely Julie Engeseth from Ebeltoft Models. 

I love shooting beauty portraits with this quick and simple "Clamshell" setup. Basically I just put a lagre soft box behind the model, a beauty dish in front, and a reflector to throw some light back on her neck and under her chin. The soft box works as a white background and gives me a beautiful rim light that really brings forward the model's cheek and collarbones. 

Julie Beautu

Another quick and simple setup I love using in the studio, which makes for some really cool and dramatic looking photos, is a "One Light" setup with just a large octobox placed directly over the model's head. It works really well with black & white photos.

Julie Fashion Collage

This setup also works really well for those yummy soft shallow depth of field emotive portraits. I Just pumped up the modeling light on my strobe and shot the ambient light with my lens wide open.

Julie Emotive Collage

As always, feel free to drop me a comment below, should you have any questions regarding the lighting or equipment that I use, or anything else for that matter. Catch ya later.